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These are king Eiders
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Average length: Male 23", Female 21"
Average weight: Male 3.7 lbs., Female 3.5 lbs.
Male king eiders have black on their lower back. The tail is brown and black and the bill is orange. The neck, chest and foreback are white. They have a white patch on the base of the tail and the forepart of the upper wings. The legs and feet are yellow to orange. Female king eiders lightly brown, barred with dusky brown chevrons (“V” marks) that can be similar in color common eiders. They have greyish feet facial skins are dark-grey.


Nests in various tundra habitats, usually seen in low marshy
areas. North of the arctic circle siberia, Canada and Alaska. They spend most of the year in coastal marine ecosystem at high latitudes.

Form vs. Function:

King eiders beaks are sharp and strong. They’re made for picking things up and to eat their prey. King eiders legs are really skinny because they are really light and hollow so that they could fly away from their predators or for migration. The reason why king eiders are able to swim is because their body is really flat so that they can swim and not tip. Sometimes they swim so they can stay away from their predators.

Interesting Facts:

King eiders are also long distance travelers that migrate undulating flocks sometimes larger than 10,000 birds, their wings also make a whistling noise when they are flying.