Classification Levels
Kingdom: animalia
Species:R. catesbeiana

The american bullfrog is brownish gray with darker speckles. They can grow to an average of one pound and can grow up to eight inches long.

The american bullfrog can be found in moist swampy places, usually nearby river and, streams.

Predators and Prey(what your organism eats and what eats it)
The american bullfrog has been known to eat small birds snakes and fish , birds snakes and fish ‘larger than the bullfrog’ eat them.

Native or Invasive (if invasive (non-native), when and how did it get into or around the lake)
The American Bullfrog was introduced during trout stocking.

Form vs. Function (how does your organism’s form (body structure) help it to function (survive

The American Bullfrog has webbed feet to help them swim sort of like when we put pon flippers to help us swim. They have mucous on there skin helps keep them moist.It’s important to not hold them very long or else they will dry out. They breath through their skin and the mucous helps them breath.

Interesting Facts (such as: special adaptations and/or behaviors that help your organism to survive)

The American Bullfrog is one of the largest Frogs in north America. one frog was ten pounds and one foot tall. Although they are native to America they can also be found in parts of Canada and Argentina.

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