Green frog (Rana clamitans)

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the Rana clamitans is an averaged sized frog ranging from five to ten centimeters or two to 3.9 inches. the green frog weighs anywhere from 28 to 85 grams or .99 to 3.00 ounces.
males have larger tympanum than females, and males have a yellow throat. green frogs have prominent dorsolateral skin folds that extend from their neck to a little more than halfway down the back, which sets them apart from other frogs. their colors range from dark green to brown, depending on their habitat.



green frogs live in shallow freshwater, and can be found almost everywhere in vermont.
Rana clamitans are found near almost any inland water source such as: ponds, marshes, and along slow moving streams and rivers. occasionally green frogs are found living in puddles on the side of the road. Juveniles may move into wooded areas or meadows during times of rain, however adult green frogs are never far from their water source, unless it is hibernation time.

Predators and Prey

green frogs tadpoles and eggs are eaten by aquatic insects and herron including leeches and dragonfly larvae.adults however are eaten by larger aquatic animals such as larger frogs, turtles and snakes. green frogs eat many insects and invertebrates some are slugs, snails,spiders, crayfish, and flies. green frogs sit and wait for their prey to cross their paths.

Native or Invasive

from what i could gather the green frog or Rana clamitans is a native species in vermont, however the websites did not seem reliable, so i really don't have any good information on the green frogs status in vermont.

Form vs. Function

green frogs are cold blooded so they can change their body temperature to match the weather. green frogs have rounded eyes that protect their pupils. the eyes of the green frog are on top of its head, so they can sit with most of their body under water to protect from predators. their eggs have an awful taste that keeps predators away. green frogs, just like all frogs, have a long tongue attached to the front of their mouth which shoots out and wraps around prey for them to eat.

Interesting Facts

the mating call of a green frog sounds like a plucked banjo string. green frogs can lay up to 4,000 eggs at a time. green frogs hibernate underground or underwater. green frog tadpoles are brownish-green in color, and metamorphosis can happen from the breeding season to the next year. female green frogs are sexualy active for at least two years while males are only active for one. the eight levels of classification for the green frog are,



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