Eastern Chipmunk or (Tamias Striatus)

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Eastern Chipmunks are around 1.1 to 1.8 ounces or 32 to 50 grams,
7.2 to 8.5 inches and have five black stripes down their backs with reddish brown hair. Eastern Chipmunks also have pouched cheeks the pouches are for storing food like nuts and seeds. Their eyes have small black lines around them and their stomachs are a yellow brown color. Eastern Chipmunks also have a reddish brown fur tale but are not bushy like most common squirrels do. Unlike humans Eastern Chipmunks have four toes on their front feet and five toes on their back feet.


The eastern Chipmunk is usually found on the edges of forests, by trees, or in bushes. They are also found in bushy and rocky areas like the sides of buildings or bushes in peoples yards. the eastern chipmunk usually lives by itself for most of its life until it is time to mate.

Predators and Prey:
In the summer the Eastern Chipmunk feeds on nuts, acorns, seeds, mushrooms, fruits, berries and corn. It also eats insects, bird eggs, snails and small mammals like young mice. The eastern Chipmunk does not truly hibernate but in the winter it does take long naps but wakes up every few months to feed on the food that is has stored. Tamias Striatus is hunted by red-tailed hawks, Sharp-Shinned Hawks, Barred hawks, Red Foxes and many more animals.

Native or Invasive:
I could not find any information on weather or not the Eastern Chipmunk is native or invasive.

Form vs. Function:

Their poofy cheeks help the Eastern Chipmunk to store food while they are scavenging and they therefore don’t have to make as many trips to and from their homes. their whiskers help them to sense wind and air to help them keep an eye out for potential predators and prey. The hard and sharp fingers on their front and back feet help them to dig burrows to give them an easy escape from the weather and predators if it is needed in an intense situation. last but not least the fur of the Eastern Chipmunks helps them to blend into tree bark, sticks and leaves on the forest floor

Interesting Facts:
Kingdom Animal
Phylum Chordate
Class Mammal
Order Rodentia
Family Sciuridae
Genus Tamias
Species Tamias Striatus

1). Chipmunks can fit massive amounts of food in their cheeks and when they are done their cheeks go back to normal size!
2). Chipmunks live about 3 to 5 years.
3). Eastern chipmunks mate in early spring.
4). Eastern Chipmunk females usually have one litter a year with between three and five young.

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