A student created list of organisms found in or around Lake Champlain. Lake Champlain is a large body of fresh water bounded on the west by the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, to the east by the Taconic and Green Mountains of Vermont, and to the north by the Richelieu River of Canada. The lake flows from south to north along its approximately 201 km (125 mi) long length, and is about 23 km (14 mi) across at its widest point. It reaches a maximum depth of roughly 400 feet (120 m) and varies from about 95 to 100 ft (29 to 30 m) above sea level.

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Google Earth of Lake Champlain

The list of organisms was developed by approximately two-hundred and fifty seventh and eighth grade students across three different teams at Edmunds Middle School in Burlington, Vermont. We have included a picture of our school and waterfront below:

Burlington Waterfront
Burlington Waterfront